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Video Annotation

We specialize in annotation of videos and create consistent high-quality data for your machine learning models.

Video Annotation

We specialize in annotation of videos and create consistent high-quality data for your machine learning models.VIDEO ANNOTATION FOR AI PROJECTS Video annotation helps AI models to operate in fast moving, real-world environments. However, this essential process is also expensive and time-consuming. To annotate video human workers locate and label objects in every video frame. Managing this difficult task can be a significant distraction for AI company engineers and senior management. As a result many computer vision innovators choose to outsource their video annotation to professional services. Annotation providers ensure that AI projects receive exceptional video training data without the burden of management, training and quality control.

Skeletal annotation

Reveals body position and alignment. This technique is commonly used in sports analytics, fitness and security applications.

Polygon annotation

This is what you need if you are dealing with irregular shapes and your project requires more precision than regular bounding box annotation.

Bounding box annotation

This is the most common, fast, reliable and cost-effective annotation method.

Key points annotation

Identify and mark key points of an object in videos, such as eyes, noses, lips, or even individual cells.

Lane annotation

This technique is used for annotating roads, pipelines and rails, this is one of the annotation types most commonly used by car manufacturers today.

Instance segmentation

We can easily detect instances of each category and identify individual objects within these categories. Categories like “vehicles” are split into “cars,” “motorcycles,” “buses,” and so on.

Semantic segmentation

Do you need to group multiple objects of a single category as one entity? Then semantic segmen­ta­tion might meet that need. Contact us to learn more, our specialists can help you to identify the right video annotation type for your project.

Custom annotation

If your project requires a specific combination of annotation types, or even a new annotation type, we can easily achieve that for you. Alternatively, our exceptional R&D team can evaluate your project and create a completely new video annotation type based on your specific requirements.